An implementation of the ISO_VARYING_STRING module as proposed for the ISO standard.

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This module defines facilities in Fortran for the manipulation of character strings of dynamically variable length. It is in conformance with the ISO/IEC 1539-2: 2000 extension to the Fortran Standard.

Neither the internal representation of the derived type, nor the algorithms used to implement the procedures or operators are directed by the standard, and as such should not be relied upon by any user of this module.

It should be noted that this module defines facilities for dynamically varying length strings of characters of default kind only. Similar facilities could be defined for non-default kind characters by a separate, if similar, module for each such character kind.

This module has been designed, as far as is reasonable, to provide for varying length character strings the facilities that are available for intrinsic fixed length character strings. All the intrinsic operations and functions that apply to fixed length character strings have extended meanings defined by this module for varying length character strings. Also, a small number facilities are defined that are appropriate because of the essential differences between the intrinsic type and the varying length derived data type.

NOTE: The standard does not specify that the varying_string type must be usable in print, read or write statements. This implementation provides such functionality as an extension.

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